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League Meet Dinner


Please RSVP for this event. Put the boys name and in the comment section the number of TOTAL people attending.  We are required to provide a head count. Please complete this by February 15th. Thank you.

February 23, 2019

Task/ItemStart TimeEnd TimeAvailable SpotsItem Qty
RSVP6:00 pm10:00 pm#1: Aidan & Owen O.3
#4: Carter Ehrke E..3
#7: Tate C.3
#10: Eric H.3
#13: Ian and parents H.3
#16: Patrick B..4
#20: Joe N.3
#23: Traci R.2
#25: Elizabeth T.4
#29: Tom G.3
#32: Kam L.3
#35: Rory L.3
#38: Jake B.5
#43: Tyler H.4
#47: Curran T.3
#50: Drew T.1
#51: Ryan G.1
#52: Samuel H.2
47 remaining: