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Winter Sports Registration Required 

All swimmers and divers must register with the Athletic Department before they will be allowed to participate with the team.  This includes those that participated in a fall sport.  Registration forms can be obtained from the Athletic Department website and are to be completed and returned to the Athletic Department (NOT THE COACHES) prior to the first day of practice.


One of the major challenges of the High School Boys Swimming & Diving season is the fact that three major school recesses occur during the course of the season:  Thanksgiving Recess, Winter Recess, & Mid Winter Recess.  Collectively, they represent over 25% of the season.   Though we don’t hold practice over the Thanksgiving holiday, we do hold practice during the other breaks because missing a quarter of the season would be detrimental to our athletes’ success.

The Winter Recess is perhaps our most intense training period.  Without classes and meets we are able to practice two and sometimes three times per day.  This gives our swimmers who come into the season out of shape the chance to play a little catch up.  It also allows the coaches to spend extra time on technique and use some of the equipment available to us (like our underwater camera) to help our swimmers perfect their strokes, starts, and turns.

The Mid Winter Recess occurs during the week of our League Championships!

The League Championship Meet is a focal point for our team and our performance at that meet determines our standing in the League.  For many of our athletes it is also their best and last shot at achieving a state qualifying time standard and is their terminal meet for the season.  Unfortunately, every few years the meet gets scheduled during our Mid Winter Recess.  Because of its importance, you are required to swim in the league meet in order to be eligible to swim in the state meet.

The choice to go on vacation during these time periods is of course yours.  We just want to make you aware of the team requirements so you can make an informed decision.

One Way Bus Trips

Bus transportation is very scarce.  When and if a bus is available to us, only transportation to an away meet will be provided.  Athletes will be responsible for finding their own transportation home.  Note that this applies only to our dual meets.  Swimmers and divers will need to find their own transportation (both to and from) for all invitational and championship meets (i.e. Warrior Relays, Battle Creek Spartan Invitational, Oakland County Meet, OAA Red Meet, MHSAA D2 State Meet).

High School Events

Swimmers in high school are allowed to swim a maximum of 4 events, no more than 2 of which can be individual events.  The order of events is as follows:

1. 200 Yard Medley Relay
2. 200 Yard Freestyle
3. 200 Yard Individual Medley
4. 50 Yard Freestyle
5. Diving
6. 100 Yard Butterfly
7. 100 Yard Freestyle
8. 500 Yard Freestyle
9. 200 Yard Freestyle Relay
10. 100 Yard Backstroke
11. 100 Yard Breastroke
12. 400 Yard Freestyle Relay

Scoring for Duel Meets:


1st = 8 pts, 2nd = 4 pts, 3rd = 2 pts.


1st = 6 pts, 2nd = 4 pts, 3rd = 3 pts, 4th = 2 pts, 5th = 1 point

In dual meets, a maximum of two relays per relay event per team score and a maximum of three swimmers/divers per individual event per team score.

Scoring for championship meets:


1st = 40, 2nd = 34, 3rd = 32, 4th = 30, 5th = 28, 6th = 26, 7th = 24, 8th = 22,  9th = 18, 10th = 14, 11th = 12, 12th = 10, 13th = 8, 14th = 6, 15th = 4, 16th = 2


1st = 20, 2nd = 17, 3rd = 16, 4th = 15, 5th = 14, 6th = 13, 7th = 12, 8th = 11, 9th = 9, 10th = 7, 11th = 6, 12th = 5, 13th = 4, 14th = 3, 15th = 2, 16th = 1

In championship meets, a team can score as many swimmers/divers as qualify for the meet.

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